SHOQO | Friday 13th April 2022
FRIENDLIST | 12€ bis 1 Uhr
Eintragungen werden bis 19 Uhr
der Eventnacht berücksichtigt.
Die Friendlist ist geschlossen.
Guys literally a big thank you 🍫
We had the First 3 Partys and damn it was a blast. Hardly seen People so wonderfull and crazy at the same time. This Energy musst carry on to the next Event.
Take a pen and mark the 13th of may, cause we will take this to the next Level.
With the smoothest HipHop,Afro,UK,Latin,French Sounds we will present u a Party that u will hardly forget.
So get ready See u there!
#When: FR 13th May 2022
#Where: BRICKS Berlin
#Start: 11 pm
info • request • table booking
0174 28 28 000 •
Mohrenstr. 30
10117 Berlin
Near U-Bhf Stadtmitte • parking lots available